airlaid paper

  • White Paper Napkins With animal Pattern Logo

    Taking advantage of the napkin's good absorption performance and strong water holding capacity, the weight and performance of the airlaid napkins paper products are enhanced. The airlaid napkins paper can improve the customer experience and reduce the dust in the use process. Different types of sizing and sizing amount can also improve the performance of the airlaid paper napkin, such as fluffy degree.

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  • White Airlaid Napkins Printed With Christmas Pattern Logo

    Compared with other ordinary paper napkins, airlaid paper napkins can lock the dust by sizing to achieve the purpose of reducing dust. Different sizing ratios can be designed according to the purpose of the airlaid napkins, and colors can be added during sizing, so as to meet the needs of customers for the product. Different logos can also be printed on airlaid napkins according to customers' preferences.

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  • High Speed Automatic Airlaid Paper Slitting Machine

    Airlaid paper slitting machine is suitable for cutting melt-blown non-woven, airlaid paper and other rolls. After the slitting machine unwinding, slitting, rolling to form the required specifications of the coil, for the use of the next process. For melt-blown non-woven fabric and airlaid paper professional design, reasonable crimp density, can maximize the filter efficiency of melt-blown non-woven fabric and dust-free paper absorption efficiency; PLC control active unwinding; The most professional cutting tool (bottom blade density of 400 blade/m); Minimum size deviation 0.5mm; Multilayer unwinding device can be configured.

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