airlaid paper

  • Yellow Airlaid Paper Dinner Party Napkins

    Airlaid paper dinner napkin select and use nature plant fiber as raw material, no harmful chemicals and eco-friendly. Napkins are strong water absorption, rapid dissolving and flushable. No essence, soft and smooth, bring you comfortable feeling of use. Color napkin is suitable for a variety of occasions, yellow and tableware very collocation, can decorate your table very well. Whether you're using it at a hotel, restaurant, cocktail party, wedding, or if you're just hosting a dinner party at home, this airlaid napkin is perfect for you.

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  • 40x48cm Colored Printed Napkin Airlaid Paper Tissue

    We are specialized in the production of airlaid paper napkin, exported to all over the world. Our company's own factory, airlaid paper equipment are independent research and development, stable and efficient production cycle, to provide you with the best cost-effective, avoid middlemen to earn price difference. Colored airlaid napkin, support customized specifications, can be printed according to the requirements of logo, napkin color can be customized according to the color number. All dyes are in line with safety standards and have passed safety tests. Please feel free to purchase and use them.

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  • Metallic Foil Stamped Napkin Colored Airlaid Paper

    As disposable napkins, airlaid paper napkins are environmentally friendly, low-carbon and biodegradable. Used for dyeing dyes belong to environmental protection water-based ink, in line with national standards. Hot stamping logo on colored napkin is beautiful and generous, more high-grade and luxury. Let us provide you with professional, thoughtful, efficient service, let you worry, time-consuming work to us! We will bring you beautiful, generous and gorgeous products.

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  • High Speed Automatic Airlaid Paper Slitting Machine

    Airlaid paper slitting machine is suitable for cutting melt-blown non-woven, airlaid paper and other rolls. After the slitting machine unwinding, slitting, rolling to form the required specifications of the coil, for the use of the next process. For melt-blown non-woven fabric and airlaid paper professional design, reasonable crimp density, can maximize the filter efficiency of melt-blown non-woven fabric and dust-free paper absorption efficiency; PLC control active unwinding; The most professional cutting tool (bottom blade density of 400 blade/m); Minimum size deviation 0.5mm; Multilayer unwinding device can be configured.

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