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    Light Pink Airlaid Napkin Cloth Like Paper Guest Towel

    The light pink napkin adopts the color of peach blossom, which looks more gentle. Give customers a romantic feeling of spring. Light pink napkins could set off the dining atmosphere, such as folding napkins into paper cranes, doves and other flowers to express peace, cheerfulness and friendship, giving customer a sense of sincerity and joy. We use imported 100% Virgin Pulp as raw material, which has strong water absorption and is not easy to be damaged, and can be reused as cleaning paper.

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  • White Airlaid Paper Napkins Fish Pattern Design

    Strictly selected 100% imported fluff pulp, without fluorescent whitening and various spices, pure and healthy, no harm to the skin. Environmental protection, low carbon, biodegradable, in line with export standards. It is flexible and easy to fold, not easy to break in wet water, and does not leave paper scraps when wiped. Airlaid paper is delicate and soft, similar to the texture of linen. To provide customers with the most satisfactory personalized customized services, industry-leading products, equipment manufacturers and solution providers.

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  • Deep Blue Dinner Airlaid Napkins

    Deep Blue Dinner Airlaid Napkins adopted the International Klein Blue(IKB) this year. They are usually folded into a certain shape and placed next to the diner's water cup. Sometimes they are directly placed on the table on the right side of the customer or on the cushion plate in front of the customer. Deep Blue Dinner Airlaid Napkins can protect diner's clothes from falling dishes and juices; Can also be used to wipe the mouth, can also be used to cover the mouth, so as not to lose their manners.

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  • White Paper Napkins With animal Pattern Logo

    Taking advantage of the napkin's good absorption performance and strong water holding capacity, the weight and performance of the airlaid napkins paper products are enhanced. The airlaid napkins paper can improve the customer experience and reduce the dust in the use process. Different types of sizing and sizing amount can also improve the performance of the airlaid paper napkin, such as fluffy degree.

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  • White Airlaid Napkin Printed With Porcelain Pattern Color Logo

    The airlaid napkin adopts the pattern design of traditional Chinese ceramics, with classical beauty. Soft and loose material, fast absorption and penetration, good water absorption performance; The performance of products with different quantities is slightly different. The overall trend is that the softer, the better the water absorption efficiency. There is no dust in the use process. Generally, the chemical fiber content is high and the amount of dust is small.

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  • White Airlaid Napkins Printed With Christmas Pattern Logo

    Compared with other ordinary paper napkins, airlaid paper napkins can lock the dust by sizing to achieve the purpose of reducing dust. Different sizing ratios can be designed according to the purpose of the airlaid napkins, and colors can be added during sizing, so as to meet the needs of customers for the product. Different logos can also be printed on airlaid napkins according to customers' preferences.

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