White Airlaid Napkin

  • 25x25cm White Airlaid Cocktail Napkins

    25x25cm White Airlaid Cocktail Napkins

    Airlaid paper napkins are environmentally friendly products, soft texture, cloth feel. As the restaurant and hotel disposable napkin, hygiene and health , beautiful and generous.

    Our air-laid paper has strong oil absorption and water absorption speed. High dry and wet strength, not easy to break in water. Airlaid napkin has a linen-like feel and you can use the napkin safely to wipe your face, and you can used as a wipe paper for cleaning. Our airlaid napkin products have passed the national health and food safety quality tests, you and your customers can use it safely.

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  • 33x33cm White Airlaid Dinner Napkins Hand Towel

    33x33cm White Airlaid Dinner Napkins Hand Towel

    Our company produces the air-laid paper napkin has the following characteristics: The dry and wet strength is high, not to drop dust. The resilient, texture soft. And the surface is bright and clean, homogeneous structure. The airlaid napkin has a similar feel to linen, bringing you a high-grade and luxurious use experience.
    Whether it is a restaurant, hotel, banquet, cocktail, wedding party or business event, airlaid paper napkin will be your best choice. Even if you are just entertaining guests at home, choose our napkins to add a touch of beauty to your table setting.

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  • 30x43cm White Linen Feel Dinner Airlaid Napkins

    30x43cm White Linen Feel Dinner Airlaid Napkins

    Our airlaid napkin products are very good in terms of comfort, water absorption and softness, and the napkins are especially thick and durable, ensuring a better use experience for you. We support customized napkins, you can provide your logo and design, we can produce according to your requirement
    This airlaid napkin is suitable for a variety of occasions, such as upscale restaurants, hotel restaurants and rooms, family gatherings, outdoor barbecues, various parties, et.

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    40x40cm White Airlaid Napkins For Luncheon

    40x40cm White Airlaid Napkins For Luncheon

    Our company always focuses on environmental protection. As a biodegradable material, this airlaid napkin will not cause any damage and impact on the environment, in line with your environmental protection concept.
    Airlaid napkins are single-layer, but much thicker than traditional three-layer napkins, with a linen-like texture, guaranteed to bring you and your customers a luxury experience.
    We are in line with the customer-oriented service concept, we can customize printed the patterns and logos provided by customers on the napkins, as long as you need, we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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  • 43x43cm White Airlaid Napkins For Restaurant

    43x43cm White Airlaid Napkins For Restaurant

    Features: the water is not broken, the texture is flexible, and the cloth feels the same. It is a napkin suitable for hotels and western restaurants
    A a disposable hotel supplies, the use of towels like the feeling;Can make napkin to use to be able to wipe all sorts of things again already, green environmental protection, nature is degraded.The dye used in printing belongs to environmental protection water-based ink, which conforms to the national standard.
    Paper towel has good water absorption, wet water does not break, wipe without paper scraps, can be used repeatedly for several times.
    Do not add fluorescent whitening agent and various spices, pure and healthy, no harm to skin.
    Napkin folding: 1/4, 1/8, etc.
    Products exported to Europe and the United States, in line with local health and environmental standard. Paper is tough and highly absorbent.
    Cloth the same feeling, highlight the company logo, highlight the strength of the enterprise

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