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  • White Printed Airlaid Paper Cocktail Napkin

    Airlaid paper napkins is made of 100% virgin wood pulp. It feels like real linen. But disposable paper has degradability, which is more convenient, practical, environmental friendly and hygienic than linen. Soft and elegant feel, can replace expensive soft towels, high cost performance. Airlaid paper towel has strong water absorption and is an upgraded version of the traditional three-layer paper towel. As a disposable napkin, it is cleaner and healthier. It can also be used for many times after cleaning. Its functionality and practicality coexist.

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  • 40x40cm Folded Printing Airlaid Paper Napkins

    Airlaid paper napkin has the look and feel of linen - premium quality dinner napkins feel very similar to a soft linen dinner napkin , clean and hygienic every time, strong water absorption, not easy to break. Our research and development of this airlaid napkins won the national Green product certificate of honor, low carbon environmental protection and degradable. We stand behind our products and guarantee to add a touch of class to your your dining experience.

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  • 40x48cm Printed Lace Napkin Airlaid Paper Tissue

    Airlaid paper napkins are made from premium fluff pulp and feel similar to real linen, but offer the convenience of a disposable product. Soft to the touch, elegant and offering a cost-effective alternative to expensive cloth towels. Airlaid paper tissue water absorption is strong, is the traditional three-layer paper napkin can not be compared. As a disposable napkin, more clean, health, at the same time after cleaning can also be used for many times.

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  • Blue Dinner Napkins Airlaid Paper Cocktail Napkins

    Premium quality disposable airlaid napkin that makes clean up easy as can be. Soft airlaid paper that is cloth-like to the touch. Strong water absorption, strong permeability, not break easily. Environmental protection, health, pollution-free, does not harm the skin. This dinner napkin can be used not only for daily home use and personal cleaning care, such as living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, but also for public areas such as hotels, restaurants, cocktail party and weddings. Luxury cocktail napkins make your table plate work easier and elegant.

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  • Yellow Airlaid Paper Dinner Party Napkins

    Airlaid paper dinner napkin select and use nature plant fiber as raw material, no harmful chemicals and eco-friendly. Napkins are strong water absorption, rapid dissolving and flushable. No essence, soft and smooth, bring you comfortable feeling of use. Color napkin is suitable for a variety of occasions, yellow and tableware very collocation, can decorate your table very well. Whether you're using it at a hotel, restaurant, cocktail party, wedding, or if you're just hosting a dinner party at home, this airlaid napkin is perfect for you.

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  • White Airlaid Napkin Printed With Porcelain Pattern Color Logo

    The airlaid napkin adopts the pattern design of traditional Chinese ceramics, with classical beauty. Soft and loose material, fast absorption and penetration, good water absorption performance; The performance of products with different quantities is slightly different. The overall trend is that the softer, the better the water absorption efficiency. There is no dust in the use process. Generally, the chemical fiber content is high and the amount of dust is small.

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  • 40x48cm Colored Printed Napkin Airlaid Paper Tissue

    We are specialized in the production of airlaid paper napkin, exported to all over the world. Our company's own factory, airlaid paper equipment are independent research and development, stable and efficient production cycle, to provide you with the best cost-effective, avoid middlemen to earn price difference. Colored airlaid napkin, support customized specifications, can be printed according to the requirements of logo, napkin color can be customized according to the color number. All dyes are in line with safety standards and have passed safety tests. Please feel free to purchase and use them.

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  • Metallic Foil Stamped Napkin Colored Airlaid Paper

    As disposable napkins, airlaid paper napkins are environmentally friendly, low-carbon and biodegradable. Used for dyeing dyes belong to environmental protection water-based ink, in line with national standards. Hot stamping logo on colored napkin is beautiful and generous, more high-grade and luxury. Let us provide you with professional, thoughtful, efficient service, let you worry, time-consuming work to us! We will bring you beautiful, generous and gorgeous products.

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  • White Airlaid Paper Napkins Fish Pattern Design

    Strictly selected 100% imported fluff pulp, without fluorescent whitening and various spices, pure and healthy, no harm to the skin. Environmental protection, low carbon, biodegradable, in line with export standards. It is flexible and easy to fold, not easy to break in wet water, and does not leave paper scraps when wiped. Airlaid paper is delicate and soft, similar to the texture of linen. To provide customers with the most satisfactory personalized customized services, industry-leading products, equipment manufacturers and solution providers.

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