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  • Disposable Linen-Feel Dinner Napkins with Built-in Flatware Pocket

    Our airlaid napkin product is made of fluff pulp, beautiful and generous, high quality articles of life . The dyes used are in accordance with environmental protection standards, do not lose color, soft texture, cloth feel. As a hotel disposable napkin, colorful, beautiful and generous. 1, color: can be based on the customer to provide color number production. 2, specifications: according to the customer to provide specifications production. 3, can make paper towels according to customer request. (1) The logo can be printed on stained dust free paper. (2) You can choose the folding method according to the customer's requirements, such as: 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/12, 1/16 fold. (3) Can be made according to the customer knife and fork pocket napkin.

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  • 43x43cm Printed Logo Colored Airlaid Dinner Napkins

    As a restaurant and hotel disposable goods, airlaid napkins are easy to use, have a texture similar to linen. The napkin can be used as a napkin, and it can also wipe all sorts of articles again, green environmental protection, nature is degraded.The dyes used in printing are environmentally friendly water-based dyes, which meet international standards. Napkins are soft and smooth and can touch the skin directly. Excellent texture and design will add color to your table, ring you high-grade luxury experience.

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    43x43cm Printed Logo Airlaid Dinner Napkins

    Airlaid dinner napkins are extremely strong and perfectly durable. If you don't use more than a few kind of napkins, you'll be hard-pressed to find one that's thick and strong enough to be washed and reused even if they're dirty. And this kind of napkin absorbent strong, not easy to break, which is difficult to achieve ordinary napkin. You will be satisfied the quality of our airlaid napkins. Don't settle for cheap imitations. Excellent and elegant design, you can print patterns or logos on the airlaid napkins according to your requirements, these dinner napkins are fit for any occasion.

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  • Deep Blue Dinner Airlaid Napkins

    Deep Blue Dinner Airlaid Napkins adopted the International Klein Blue(IKB) this year. They are usually folded into a certain shape and placed next to the diner's water cup. Sometimes they are directly placed on the table on the right side of the customer or on the cushion plate in front of the customer. Deep Blue Dinner Airlaid Napkins can protect diner's clothes from falling dishes and juices; Can also be used to wipe the mouth, can also be used to cover the mouth, so as not to lose their manners.

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  • Blue Dinner Napkins Airlaid Paper Cocktail Napkins

    Premium quality disposable airlaid napkin that makes clean up easy as can be. Soft airlaid paper that is cloth-like to the touch. Strong water absorption, strong permeability, not break easily. Environmental protection, health, pollution-free, does not harm the skin. This dinner napkin can be used not only for daily home use and personal cleaning care, such as living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, but also for public areas such as hotels, restaurants, cocktail party and weddings. Luxury cocktail napkins make your table plate work easier and elegant.

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  • Yellow Airlaid Paper Dinner Party Napkins

    Airlaid paper dinner napkin select and use nature plant fiber as raw material, no harmful chemicals and eco-friendly. Napkins are strong water absorption, rapid dissolving and flushable. No essence, soft and smooth, bring you comfortable feeling of use. Color napkin is suitable for a variety of occasions, yellow and tableware very collocation, can decorate your table very well. Whether you're using it at a hotel, restaurant, cocktail party, wedding, or if you're just hosting a dinner party at home, this airlaid napkin is perfect for you.

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  • Good Color Printed Customized Paper Napkins

    Wedding, party, high-end hotel, personalized restaurant, etc. We can use our napkins for meals. Of course, napkins of different colors have different feelings on the table. Whether it's a solid colored napkin or a printed napkin, it can improve your dining experience. Napkins are made of high-quality non-woven fabrics. You can choose printing or hot stamping. You can design your own patterns. The patterns can also be changed regularly to enrich your dining experience. The non-woven napkin is clean, pollution-free, biodegradable and will not cause environmental damage. Disposable napkins keep you away from bacterial residues and protect you and guests. The material absorbs moisture easily, feels soft and will not hurt your skin. It allows you to use it without pressure in the kitchen or dining table. Colorful napkin paper tape gives you a colorful life. The size, weight and logo can be customized to your needs.

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  • High Quality Light Green Paper Napkins

    Napkins have been selling well at home and abroad because of their convenience. Napkins can be used for weddings, parties, high-end hotels, personalized restaurants, etc. Napkins of different colors can be matched with tableware of different styles to bring guests a different experience and improve the comfort of guests when eating. Whether it is a solid colored napkin or a printed napkin, it is an indispensable scenic spot on the table. In particular, this light colored napkin makes every meal full of style. Napkins are made of high-quality non-woven fabrics. It has a soft touch and flax texture, which won't hurt your skin and guests' skin. Non woven napkins are biodegradable and will not pollute the environment. Environmental protection starts with the use of green napkins. Light colored napkins are bright in color, bringing a green coolness in the hot summer. Most importantly, you can choose to print or hot stamp the napkin pattern. You can design or choose your favorite patterns to show your personality. At the same time, the pattern is also changed regularly to change the style and enrich the dining experience of guests. Light colored napkins bring you a comfortable and convenient life experience.

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  • White Airlaid Napkin Printed With Porcelain Pattern Color Logo

    The airlaid napkin adopts the pattern design of traditional Chinese ceramics, with classical beauty. Soft and loose material, fast absorption and penetration, good water absorption performance; The performance of products with different quantities is slightly different. The overall trend is that the softer, the better the water absorption efficiency. There is no dust in the use process. Generally, the chemical fiber content is high and the amount of dust is small.

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