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    30x43cm Printed Airlaid Napkins Printing Tissue

    This linen feel airlaid paper napkin is made of high quality fluff pulp through the air flow net process, which is more absorbent than traditional paper towels, bringing customers a soft and comfortable wiping experience. As a disposable tissue, prevent the spread of bacteria, more clean. Airlaid napkin with a 1/6 folding design, the napkin is commonly used in restaurants, hotels, banquets, cocktail parties, weddings, dining rooms and guest rooms. When napkin unfolded, each napkin measures 12 x 17 inches.

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  • White Printed Airlaid Paper Cocktail Napkin

    Airlaid paper napkins is made of 100% virgin wood pulp. It feels like real linen. But disposable paper has degradability, which is more convenient, practical, environmental friendly and hygienic than linen. Soft and elegant feel, can replace expensive soft towels, high cost performance. Airlaid paper towel has strong water absorption and is an upgraded version of the traditional three-layer paper towel. As a disposable napkin, it is cleaner and healthier. It can also be used for many times after cleaning. Its functionality and practicality coexist.

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  • 40x48cm Printed Lace Napkin Airlaid Paper Tissue

    Airlaid paper napkins are made from premium fluff pulp and feel similar to real linen, but offer the convenience of a disposable product. Soft to the touch, elegant and offering a cost-effective alternative to expensive cloth towels. Airlaid paper tissue water absorption is strong, is the traditional three-layer paper napkin can not be compared. As a disposable napkin, more clean, health, at the same time after cleaning can also be used for many times.

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  • 40x48cm Colored Printed Napkin Airlaid Paper Tissue

    We are specialized in the production of airlaid paper napkin, exported to all over the world. Our company's own factory, airlaid paper equipment are independent research and development, stable and efficient production cycle, to provide you with the best cost-effective, avoid middlemen to earn price difference. Colored airlaid napkin, support customized specifications, can be printed according to the requirements of logo, napkin color can be customized according to the color number. All dyes are in line with safety standards and have passed safety tests. Please feel free to purchase and use them.

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