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  • Hot Stamping Airlaid Napkin For Party Paper Napkins

    Airlaid napkin flexible texture, oil absorption and water absorption is strong, not easy to break, much thicker than ordinary napkin paper, with a similar flax feel, more high-grade and luxury. If you or your brand has an environmental philosophy, you should choose our airlaid napkin because it is environmentally friendly, low carbon and biodegradable. Napkin hot stamping logo is beautiful and generous, very atmospheric, our hot stamping technology is excellent, can hot stamping gold, silver, rose gold and other colors. Excellent quality, to ensure customer satisfaction.

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  • 1/6 fold White Paper With Gold Color Of The Logo Napkins

    Product details: 1. Specifications: can be customized according to customer requirements 2. Material: bonded dust-free paper 3. Weight range of grams: 50-100g 4. Logo can be printed according to customer requirements, and the size can be customized, ranging from 7 to 120cm 6. Folding mode can be made according to customer requirements;At the same time, can do knife and fork mouth, for western food 7. Features: the water is not broken, the texture is flexible, and the cloth feels the same. It is a napkin suitable for hotels and western restaurants 8, as a disposable hotel supplies, the use of towels like the feeling;Can make napkin to use to be able to wipe all sorts of things again already, green environmental protection, nature is degraded.The dye used in printing belongs to environmental protection water-based ink, which conforms to the national standard.

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  • 1/6 Fold White Paper With Dot Print Napkins

    It is 1 layer paper. White paper with 1 color of the dot logo printed. It is 55 GMS weight of the white paper. It is 50 pieces in a bag and 1000 pieces in a box. It is customized fold ,package and box.

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  • 1/8 Fold White Paper With Gold Color Logo Dinner Napkins

    As a restaurant and hotel disposable goods, air-laid napkins are easy to use, have a texture similar to linen. The napkin can be used as a napkin, and it can also wipe all sorts of articles again, green environmental protection, nature is degraded. The dyes used in printing are environmentally friendly water-based dyes, which meet international standards. Napkins are soft and smooth and can touch the skin directly. Excellent texture and design will add color to your table, ring you high-grade luxury experience.

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  • White Paper Dinner Napkins With Color Of Logo

    Jinan Hua 'ao non-woven technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and operation of gluing dust-free paper, color printing dry paper (dust-free paper), non-woven products and dry paper after processing equipment. Main products: dust-free paper, color dust-free paper, printed napkin, beauty towel, foot treatment towel and wet towel paper, aviation paper, industrial wipe paper, multi-purpose small square towel and semi-finished products; Dust-free paper, non-woven slitter, crosscutting equipment; Dust-free paper, non-woven printing, dyeing equipment; Thermal dust-free paper into gluing paper finishing line equipment; Non-woven, dust-free paper after finishing production line (spray glue, water repellent, hydrophilic). The gluing finishing line and dyeing technology equipment of heat-bonded dust-free paper are the products developed by our company with new technology, which can finish the surface of heat-bonded paper, solve the dust defects, and transform it into gluing paper or synthetic paper and dyeing paper. The company has a prototype, can be field investigation.

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