nonwoven machine

  • Automatic Nonwoven Slitting Machine

    Nonwoven scuttling machine is a high-quality equipment independently developed and manufactured by the company's professional and technical personnel on the basis of accumulated previous experience and combined with the recommendations of customers in use. The machine has fast speed, smooth operation, convenient operation, high degree of automation, can be customized according to customer requirements.

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  • Nonwoven Punching Cutting And Rewinding Machine

    Nonwoven punching cutting and rewinding machine is a multi-functional non-woven and dust-free paper processing equipment, which can be point breaking, cutting and rolled into one. This nonwoven machine adopts servo drive system, PLC intelligent control of the whole machine operation, active unwinding, with stable transmission of materials, high precision point breaking advantages. The point break interval can be set directly on the touch screen. Scientific and convenient operation, high degree of automation.

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