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    Household Wipe Paper Roll Disposable Kitchen Paper

    Excellent household product, disposable wipe paper for all occasions. All raw materials carefully selected, environmental protection without additives, healthy and clean can not drop paper scraps. This household wipe paper rolls can be thrown away after use and do not breed bacteria. Dry and wet state can be used, can absorb water and oil, decontamination ability is strong. No grease and germs in the kitchen is love for the family.

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  • Fruit Seafood Meat Absorbent Water Paper Kitchen Paper

    We attentively for you to produce a cost-effective, affordable kitchen multi-purpose absorbent water paper. Quick water absorption and preservation, good air permeability, no shedding of dander, health and non-toxic, water absorption is 5-6 times of ordinary absorbent paper. Fruits and vegetables, fresh, fungi super moisture absorption, prevent friction, can be reused. Absorbent water paper can effectively prolong the freshness of fruits and vegetables, keep fresh, prevent the loss of delicious ingredients, effectively prevent secondary pollution, and bring lasting freshness to your kitchen.

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